Prof. Goran Stojanović has extensive experience in writing project proposals for open call for EU-funded projects. He wrote more than 50 project proposals, from generating ideas up to the complete project proposal. His speciality is writing Horizon Europe project proposals.

Prof. Goran Stojanović particularly enjoys delivering trainings in writing project proposals (online via Zoom platform and on-site) at the first place for Horizon Europe open calls. In previous 10 years, he delivered more than 130 trainings – in Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Brussels (online), etc. Attendees’ evaluations of the trainings were always positive and with highest marks.

Prof. Goran Stojanović can also offer service of pre-review of the project proposals written by other interesting parties and consortium members.

If you have any question or dilemmas related to the writing of project proposals or related to the implementation of already approved project, you can contact prof. Goran Stojanović (by email) and he will provide timely and detailed consultance service.